Gembrook Primary School Council

Council meetings are held twice a term, with 8 meetings per year. The three main responsibilities of School Council are to:

  • oversee the development of the School’s annual budget and ensure proper records are kept of the School’s financial operation
  • participate in the development and monitoring of the School strategic plan
  • develop, review and update policies that reflect our School’s values and support our School’s broad direction outlined in our strategic plan

Other key functions of School Council are to:

  • represent and take the views of the whole School community into account, including the views of parents
  • raise funds for School related purposes
  • maintain School grounds and facilities
  • enter into contracts
  • report annually to the School community and the Department
  • create interest in the School in the wider community
  • regulate and facilitate after hours use of School premises and grounds
  • operate a before and after hours child care service.

Anyone is welcome to attend a School Council meeting to participate and contribute, although only School Councillors may vote.  Nominations are held at the beginning of each year, with the Annual General Meeting occurring in March.

The current school councillors are as follows:

  • Stephanie Koble (Executive Officer)
  • Kerri Drew 
  • Kirsten Varga
  • Nyomie Lagerwey Allen
  • Jessica Banks (Secretary)
  • Dean Prouse (President)
  • Tamara Hawkins (Vice President)
  • John Clayton (Treasurer)
  • Nicola Power 
  • Nicola Todd
  • Claire Stribbles
  • Ruth Elliott

Standing Orders for Gembrook Primary School Council ratified 2022

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