Positive Behaviours for Learning

As a school we are extremely proud to have been accepted into the Department of Education and Training (DET) initiative School Wide Positive Behaviour Support (SWPBS).   As our focus at Gembrook Primary School is very much based around excellence in teaching and learning, we have decided to rebrand this new initiative ‘Positive Behaviours for Learning’ (PBL)

PBL is about developing a framework and common strategies that will help support and develop a positive, safe and supportive learning culture.  We are also seeking to increase understandings and strategies in relation to a whole school approach to promoting and supporting positive behaviours that will in turn lead to an increased orderly learning environment and intrinsic motivation for learning.

We have a current GPS Strategic Plan goal around student engagement in learning.  One associated key improvement strategy for this goal is to build a sense of pride in the school and its learning culture that is shared by teachers, students, parents and the community.  To this end we believe PBL will be a great and timely fit for Gembrook Primary School.

Student wellbeing is linked to our school values of Respect and High Expectations.  These values are prominent in every classroom and referred to regularly.

We have a whole school approach to classroom management via the ‘Steps For Success’ ladder that looks to promote positive behaviours.  We believe that the PBL initiative will assist in increasing student and staff understandings in relation to positive behaviours and expected norms.

We are in the early stages of implementing PBL, however to date we have completed a PBL Parent Information Forum, staff professional learning,  as well as seeking staff and student input around our GPS Behaviour Matrix. 

As further PBL implementation events, resources and activities occur, they will be added to our PBL website page, so please keep an eye out for updates!