DPAT: Digital portfolios assessment tasks

Gembrook Primary School is implementing student digital learning portfolios across the whole school.  This is a wonderful opportunity to increase family engagement, and increase the level of communication with families around individual student learning. 

For 2022, we are commencing with numeracy, and in particular, the applied topics covered within the strands of ‘Measurement & Geometry’ and ‘Statistics & Probability’ throughout the year. 
Students will contribute to their digital portfolio via a ‘DPAT’ – Digital Portfolio Assessment Task. 

There will be one DPAT for each numeracy applied topic, and each will contain a text and graphic representation of the assessment task, as well as a teacher assessment comment and grade allocation against the Victorian Curriculum. 

The first DPAT on the applied maths topic of ‘Shape and Angle’ has now been completed and will be available on Compass, under your child’s Learning Task tab on Friday 18th March, 2022

Please find below, a link to an instruction video ‘How to access and interpret DPAT’ via Compass:

We hope you benefit from engaging in conversation with your child about their DPATs.  We are a dynamic school and always striving for improvement, so any feedback in relation to student digital learning portfolios would be acknowledged and very much appreciated.